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READ BOOK Fire From The Sky: The Sanders Saga

If it's not bad enough for all the other main broadcasting networks/channel's stations to do all episodes, even changing which shows, so they are all WWII &/or nazi based/mentioning episodes for 5 months straight UNTIL something else (like a certain celebrity dies or certain holiday that locals that run the station give a or too much fabout) happens... then right back to same theme for the past year (year or 2 before it was all religious &/or all christian story/based episodes of all those shows). Now PBS is showing 4 or 5 hours straight of holocaust ALL WEEK?! Whotf would want to fund because they're watching that kind of c***? Before it was 10 or even 15 year old things likely everyone that had seen any of the fund raising knew/remembered seeing that before or even donating some to help in past decades but why would watching more of WW2 make them think "people will pay us/donate if we show them MORE of the holocaust/deaths/nazi-themed shows they've been "watching" for the past year or 2"? Only thing worst would be if they thought everyone wants to become christian (or another religion) again & only watch that themed shows on it (again).... oh &/or if it was all voting commercials like on the other broadcast channels. Yeah people see/read the news not everyone wants to see more of it all day/night to the point they would pay PBS to see it (there are other cable/satellite channels that would/do show that instead that could cost them less). Does PBS/OPB have no clue how long OTHER wars in OTHER countries/areas of the world have been going on &/or still happening? LOL Just as bad as the basic public school system. If "you" are going to show 1 themed thing for weeks/months at least show DIFFERENT shows/episodes & different angles of it like the nature-themed and some music-themed fund raising was. Last time I watched or saw a World war 1 &/or 2 show on was when it was actually near ONE holiday that was about it not EVERY holiday that was war/military(or christian) based. It's like a medical news story becomes trending then instead of showing shows & episodes viewers would want to see they replace them with barely related medical or medical mentioning episodes. Why not have episodes of smoke/ashes & fires for 10 years? LOL Those also human caused events have been happening for a long time too(I'm surprised the other broadcast networks/channels don't show fire/smoke, NOT cig or drug/substance smoking which they have instead in the past, based shows all the time). Nice to not see the same 2 or 3 book &/or DVD 5 or10 or 15 year old based themes, but replacing them with depressing WW2 based theme/s? Really?

READ BOOK Fire From the Sky: The Sanders Saga

I have a question I hope you can help me with. A news station in Alabama has aired a story that I know without a single doubt is a lie, is one sided, and was not checked for accuracy in the slightest. The other party involved is accused of theft of a dog, which is a lie to cover up other facts to avoid the worker at a shelter getting in trouble. The other person has been harassed by strangers, had her daughter who is 12 posted on social media along with their home address by total strangers who were also harassing through messenger (Facebook) and she had animal control called to investigate her animals, and was also harassed and threatened bby police officers (2 that I know of) all because she went to the shelter got the dog and took it to the vet. She DID lie to get the dog by claiming it as hers because in order to get it out of the shelter, she needed to claim it because it was on a stray hold. The dog is 14 years old and the vet said it was severely mistreated through neglect, they removed teeth that were necrotic, a sebaceous mass on the dogs back, and gave the person meds to treat a skin infection and also staph. When the dog was treated, she picked it up from the vet and was home for a few minutes before the human shelter called her and started threatening her. She went there to speak with the people and she admitted to the lie and she apologized. She told them she would give the dog back but didn''t bring it with her because it was just out of surgery and she had 5 children with her. AT that point her boyfriend was threatened because he had outstanding tickets and she was told he would go to jail. She was told they would arrest her for taking the dog because it was a felony, which it is NOT. The dog would need to be worth over $250 for a felony charge and I don't know a single person in their right mind who would pay that for a neglected 14 year old dog that was rotting from the inside out. The channel ABC 33/40 aired a supposed ' FEEL GOOD CHRISTMAS' story detailing how the owner who was responsible for the original pathetic condition of the animal got the dog back after it had been "missing" for 12 days. We don't know how long the shelter had the dog but I do know that they are lying about everything, right down to the fact that she gave them paperwork saying the dog belonged to her (Obviously she couldn't do that if the dog DIDN't belong to her, which she'd already said.) The "journalist" did not attempt to contact the person to get the other side of the story or to check facts. Now this young girl is STILL having her information posted on social media along with the pictures of her children. I am drafting a letter to send the Cynthia Gould, who is responsible for the story, explaining this to her and telling her to retract the story because I am absolutely fully prepared to sue on behalf of the girl in the middle of this gang of old ladies. I am also including the caveat that she is more than welcome to re-publish the story when she has all her facts. I am well aware that the 1st gives permission to report the news, it does not however give any news station the right to publish or prepetuate false information or to defame another individual. Is there anything else that I should include befor sending the communication? I would appreciate your help and I certainly appreciate the mission CPD.

Dear Aman - I appreciate ALL your talents and how you use them to keep me informed and connected! Could you please satisfy one simple, strange curiosity that I've had since you have been reporting in various settings? I have a 37-book set of classics that looks exactly like the matching red books on the shelf behind one of your reporting sets. Try as I might, I can't read the titles of the volumes! My set goes from "The Works of Balzac" to "The Works of Zola." What title are on the shelf? My set was printed by Black's Readers Service Company, Roslyn, New York, in 1925. I haven't read all 37 volumes, though I've dipped into many of them over the years! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! - Elaine Frick, Columbia, SC.

That left no chance for the TWOK annotations. I told myself I'd need to re-read the book before starting the sequel (Wheel of Time work was going to keep me from getting to it for a few years) so I'd do the annotations then.

At the same time, I felt that readers would put up with more from me. Fantasy readers can handle a steep learning curve, and tend to celebrate books that have a lot of meaty worldbuilding. I feel from my own experience as a reader, however, that I am wary of giving much effort to a book by a new author. Learning a new world takes work, and if an author is going to demand that kind of work from me, I want big payoff.

This was a controversial chapter for my writing group and my editor, and was wrapped up in the whole learning curve argument. It was suggested several times that if this chapter were from Kaladin's viewpoint, the book wouldn't feel quite so overwhelming at the start. After all, Chapters One and Two would then be from the same viewpoint and would give a stronger clue to readers.

If the fear is that Uber is planning to pull an Amazon, then the London transportation consumer should be quaking in his boots as Uber prepares to make transportation incredibly convenient and widespread for ridiculously low prices all in furtherance of a nefarious plan to one day jack up prices that never quite materializes (and, in fact, would not work, imo: I use Amazon all the time, but only because the prices are so good; if they raised them significantly there are other places I could start ordering books and clothes from).


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