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Where To Buy Mantel Shelf

Enhance the coziness of your living space with a fireplace mantel shelf. These come in various styles from traditional to modern and make a statement that delivers on warmth and ambiance. Add a rustic stone or polished wood surround for an elegant finish.

where to buy mantel shelf

Whether you're remodeling, designing your dream home, or sprucing up a vacation rental, a beautiful new fireplace shelf is an easy and cost-effective way to dramatically upgrade your space! You could even add a mantel without a fireplace for an unexpected design element.

A fireplace shelf is right at home in a farmhouse, contemporary, or vintage design. The fireplace itself can be wood-burning, gas, or electric. Add a granite, marble, or travertine surround for added charm. A floating mantel shelf is perfect for a modern design. Even a simple mantel shelf with well-chosen details can alter the whole look and feel of a space.

Wood Mantel Shelves aren't just for fireplaces anymore! Select a shelf design that reflects your personal style to complement your fireplace or any area of your home needing additional storage or a decorative touch. Choose the size you need, a species of wood, and a stain or finish color. Standard sizes as well as custom sizes are available! All shelves come with mounting hardware for a floating shelf look, and some come with decorative corbels.

Featuring unmistakable adze texture, the rough hewn mantel gives a handcrafted appearance that complements the organic beauty of the poplar wood planks. Like our other best-selling wood mantels, the unique hollow design keeps your mantel relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from five stain options, four lengths, and two depths for a truly custom look above your fireplace.

Rich pine wood grain and natural imperfections give the weathered beam mantel the look of naturally aged wood made more beautiful with time. Featuring our unique hollow design, it's relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from four stain options, four lengths, and two depths for a truly custom mantel that perfectly complements your space.

The solid timber mantel is an heirloom-quality mantel, hewn from a solid piece of American pine timber. It is truly a celebration of the inherent beauty and lasting strength of natural wood. Whether used as a fireplace mantel or a floating shelf, it will add style to your home for years and years to come.

Bring rich and timeless character into your space with Dogberry collections French Corbel Mantel! This traditional fireplace mantel shows off the natural wood grain of our high quality poplar in a way that inexpensive, fake, veneered mantels never could. Our hand crafted, solid-wood, and easy-to-install floating mantel shelf utilizes industry-leading production processes to give you a conversation piece floating mantel, that will last the test of time. This classic 3 in one design allows you to have just the beam, beam w/ corbels, or beam w/ corbels and the arch. You decide what looks best!

Dogberry Collections Shaker Wood Mantel has a traditional design with a thin, clean accent! This fireplace mantel design shows off the beautiful character that only natural wood grain, from our high quality poplar, can display! Our solid wood, handcrafted and easy to install mantel shelf capitalizes on industry leading production procedures that give you a conversation piece floating mantel shelf that will be a great conversation piece.

Installing a wooden mantel shelf can be intimidating, but not with Dogberry mantels. We walk you through our installation process, including videos and manuals complete with all the tools you'll need for installation. Before beginning, we recommend reading through the manual and reviewing our installation video before starting the installation process for your wood shelf.

Start by opening the mantel box and removing the mantel. Review the interior contents and read the instructions. Gather all necessary tools to complete the installation, such as a pencil, tape measure, screwdriver, and drill with drillbits (optional, but recommended).

Measure the length of the mantel to determine the exact center, left, and right locations. To install the mantel, you'll need to determine where you want to place it on the wall, then make corresponding marks for the edges of the mantel. You'll also mark studs where you will mount the mantel. Check out our installation guide for more detailed instructions on measuring and marking the wall for the mantel.

Now, you're ready to install the mantel. Start the short screws inside the pre-drilled holes. Lift the mantel on the hanger board and line it up with the edge marks on the wall. Using a screwdriver, drive the screws into the mantel and hanger board. Your mantel is now installed and ready to use!

Our wood fireplace mantel shelves are great additions to any Heatilator fireplace. Create the perfect area to display memories and achievements prominently, adding to the warmth and inviting nature of any living space. Browse our selection of expertly crafted wood fireplace mantel shelves below.

We are located in Gaylord, Minnesota which is about 50 miles southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, we ship everywhere across the nation including but not limited to: California (CA), New York (NY), Texas (TX), Pennsylvania (PA), and Florida (FL). We can ship all of our products at very reasonable rates.

The Toulon Mantel was inspired by the Provincial Style of the 18th Century. Provence style has the spirit of simplicity and comfort. The generous cornice mantelpiece rests on two simple consoles. Classic and timeless.

Our solid hardwood shelves are available in a wide range of styles, from the traditional to contemporary. Each is constructed with the same quality workmanship found in our full surround mantels, and features a generous 8" top depth from the wall for safe support of objects. Shelves can be custom-sized to any length and depth. Each shelf is shipped with its own fitted and adjustable wall mounting system for trouble-free installation against both wood framed or masonry walls.

Great style and inovation with this all steel constructed, non combustable mantel. Allows for the placement of where you need your mantel, allowing space for TVs and other heat sensetive items to safely exist above your fireplace.Made in the USA, a beautiful alternative to traditional wood mantels. Available in three durable powder coats, two shelf heights & three lengths. All mantel shelves are 10" deep.

From traditional to modern, Heatilator has a style to complement your home, office or commercial building. While any of these Heatilator mantels will look great against a finished drywall backdrop, a custom stone veneer surround installed by Badgerland Fireplace can instantly upgrade the look of your fireplace.

This ornate, floating-style shelf is reminiscent of grand cathedrals and gothic revival design with beautiful trefoils, and high arches that wrap-around the front and sides of this artfully-styled shelf. Hidden mounting slots on the back gives cool "floating" effect on your wall, and transforms your home into the gothic castle of your dreams! Shelves are handmade from a hardwood, stained a deep black, and finished in satin lacquer.

These beautifully crafted decorative wood mantel shelves for fireplaces in both custom and standard sizes will add special character to your home or office. Select from Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Oak or a paint grade Poplar Wood for your shelf and a number of painted, glazed and stained finishes with the added benefits of Microban for durabilty. Click on the alternate image thumbnails for additional views. We offer many styles of fireplace mantels for sale; why not get your mantels direct from the manufacturer? Also, shipping is included in our prices! Easy Shelf Installation Instructions. How to install a mantel shelf. Need a custom design, a shelf to fit on top of (or 'cap') your stone facing.

NOTE: If you order a custom size mantel, we will email a dimensioned line drawing to you for approval before your shelf order is put into our production schedule. Keep an eye on your email inbox for this email from us!

Customize this solid wood fireplace mantel shelf by selecting your choice of solid wood. Select from solid oak wood, solid brown maple wood, solid cherry wood, or solid quarter sawn white oak. Pair your choice of solid wood with your choice of finish for a look that will match your home decor.

Whether you want to display decor or organize your essentials, white floating wall shelves in marble or metal are chic and functional. Think about mounting one in the kitchen for a fresh approach to storing spices, making everything easy to see and grab. Another spot to hang them is in the bathroom. From your cosmetic collection to a spa-like assortment of zen candles and bud vases, housing the essentials has never looked so good. White floating shelves are a game changer in the entryway, too. If your place doesn\'t have the space for a console table, just hang a floating shelf to keep your keys within reach as you head out the door. Looking for inspo on how to style them? Check out our favorite modern floating shelf ideas.

For a dark take on design, be sure to incorporate black marble decor in your home. With swirls of white and grey veining, the stone is sure to stun. Incorporate it into your living room for a healthy dose of modern glamour. For instance, a marble coffee table with gold legs is an opulent piece of living room furniture that plays nicely with a velvet sofa and leather club chair. Create cohesion with decorative accents such as table sculptures or spheres made of marble, and bring drama to the bookshelf with bookends and candle holders. Add sophistication to the home office with black marble decor. Boxes and trays keep your files organized while expressing your style. Hang a marble-framed wall mirror above the desk to make your cozy office feel like the executive suite. Want to be holiday-ready without sacrificing your moody aesthetic? Trim your tree in black and white Christmas ornaments for a chic greyscale look. 041b061a72


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