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MSN Messenger Service Shutting Down In China On October 31 EXCLUSIVE

Many people feel nostalgic about MSN Messenger shutting down, including myself. MSN Messenger was around before Gmail, MySpace, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. When MSN Messenger first launched, I had to use a 56k modem to log in to the service and hope that someone did not call the landline while I was chatting with my friends. MSN Messenger told me when I received a new e-mail in my Hotmail account too. MSN Messenger will truly be missed by many.

MSN Messenger Service Shutting Down In China On October 31


A recent wide spred report that Windows Live Messenger (nearly 0.1 Billion users)would be closed on october 31, 2014 , forcing all users to switch to using Skype (Windows Live Messenger will be replaced everywhere else by Skype, which Microsoft acquired in October 2011)to continue on their instant messaging.MSN once attracted over 20 million users in China. The number has dropped sharply due to the rapid development of mobile communication technology and challenges from domestic rivals such as QQ, WeChat and Sina Weibo. The Windows 8 system, another service provided by Microsoft, is also struggling in the Chinese market.

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Until then, those who visit its official site to download the instant messaging software will be greeted with a message that the service is shutting off and that users should download Skype. Anyone still using MSN Messenger will have their contacts automatically moved to Skype.

Along with the release of Windows XP came version 4.6 of MSN Messenger, on October 23, 2001. It included major changes to the user interface, the ability to group contacts, and support for voice conversations.[13] In this version, the client software was renamed from "MSN Messenger Service" to just "MSN Messenger", while the underlying service became known as ".NET Messenger Service". This version was only compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, and 2000, because Microsoft provided a scaled-down new program for Windows XP, called Windows Messenger. Version 5.0 of MSN Messenger was released on October 24, 2002. It was the first version that was allowed to be installed along with Windows Messenger on Windows XP.[14] It included UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) based file transfers, minor changes to the user interface artwork, and a Windows Media Player interface plug-in.[15]

On October 13, 2005, Yahoo! and Microsoft announced plans to add interoperability between their messenger services.[74] The announcement came after years of third-party interoperability success (most notably, PowWow by Tribal Voice,[75][76] Trillian, Pidgin) and criticisms from Tribal Voice and iCast that the major real time communications services were locking their networks.[77] Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger became interoperable on July 12, 2006.[78][79] For six years, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger users in possession of up-to-date software could communicate across the two networks. Instant messaging as well as transmission of emoticons, nudges, offline messages, presence information and personal status messages were supported.[80] On December 14, 2012, the interoperability ended.[81]

Many Chinese users of Windows Live Messenger, more commonly referred to as MSN in short in China, have received an email which says the service will close down on October 31st (two months away) in mainland China. To encourage Chinese users to migrate to Skype, the online calling service Microsoft acquired in 2011, each of them will get 2 dollar worth of a coupon for Skype calls. The mainland China was the exception when Microsoft decided to shut down the Messenger in March 2013, for the service was operated locally.

Last week, users of MSN Messenger in China, received emails from Microsoft, letting them know that the service would shut down on the 31st of October, and people who still use the service will be transferred to Skype.

After 15 long years, Microsoft have announced that it is shutting down MSN Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger, on October 31st. While the organisation announced plans to shift users over to Skype in April last year, they kept the service running to support Chinese users.

Best instant messaging platform MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger). Microsoft started shutting down MSN Messenger globally in April 2013 and it will be completely vanished from the Internet on October 31st 2014. Messenger is only available in mainland China until then.

The software giant Microsoft also confirmed earlier that users of the service in China would no longer have access to MSN Messenger by end of October. MSN came to China in 2005, but later faced stiff competition from other local messengers such as the QQ messenger and other mobile chat apps such as WeChat. A number of Chinese Windows Live users received emails from Microsoft last Thursday, Chinese newspapers reported, informing them of the planned closure.

Microsoft's 15 year run with MSN Messenger, also known as Windows Live Messenger, will soon be coming to an end. After phasing out the legacy messaging program over a year ago in most parts of the world, Microsoft will shut the service down once and for all on October 31.


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