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[S1E5] Girl Meets The Truth ((HOT))

Claire and Shaun talk as they work on paperwork. Shaun is going over Evan's chart. Claire and Jared Kalu discover that the man with abdomen pain has tapeworms in his brain. They talk to Aaron who used to be a neurosurgeon. They come up with a game plan. Shaun is still working. He cannot stop thinking about Evan. With a pile of books and charts in front of him, he discovers that Evan doesn't have cancer. The next morning, Shaun meets Neil at his parking spot and tells him his finding. Neil isn't optimistic, but Shaun is. He heads to see Aaron who tells him he can do some procedures without telling the parents. He advises him not to get caught. Shaun runs off. Jared talks to the dad with the tapeworms. He is mad at his son that he didn't want to take over the family business. Jared tells him that he too chose to be a doctor over the family business. He had to do what he loved. Shaun goes to see Evan. He tries to pretend he is there doing some procedures but Evan can tell. Shaun admits what he is looking for. Evan agrees it is worth a try. He begins to put a needle in his lumbar region when the parents arrive. They want to know what is going on. Shaun can't lie. He blurts out the truth. The father is angry. He tells Shaun to get out. Evan begins coughing up blood. Shaun calls for the nurses.

[S1E5] Girl Meets the Truth


They take Evan into surgery. Shaun asks Neil to assist. He tells him he is too close to the case. Shaun watches from the gallery. He and Aaron talk. If Shaun is wrong he is in trouble. Jared sees the man's son in the waiting area. Jared tells him that he needs to talk to his father and tell him the truth about his girlfriend, about why he ran away. As the father is wheeled into surgery the son admits that he is afraid that he is afraid to take over the family business because he thought he would fail. In surgery, Claire sees something in Evan. She calls Melendez over to see. Meanwhile, Shaun waits. He has a flashback of when he gave Steve a book for his birthday. Neil comes out to speak with the parents in the waiting room where Shaun is. Neil tells them that they discovered lesions on his ribs. The osteosarcoma has metastasized. Aaron is in surgery. He locates the tapeworm in the man's brain and talks the first one out. Jared is impressed. They have 3 more to go. Evan talks with his parents. He tells them that he has known for a long time. Shaun didn't tell him. Shaun watches form outside the room. Shaun and Evan talk. Evan thanks him. Shaun is upset that he was wrong. Shaun asks for a favor. He wants to read something to Evan. He opens the book To Kill a Mockingbird, the book he gave Steve. Evan listens. Shaun leaves him with the book and thanks him for letting him read. He gets up and walks away with tears in his eyes.

Episode 2: Peter and Barbro tail police commissioner Ludvig Larsson and discover something shocking. Caijsa and Jorma try to find out why Conny had the old case files and realize that one of them is missing: the investigation into Urban's suicide. Stella meets the young girl who sought her help, but when Stella tells the girl she should talk to the police, the girl runs away. 041b061a72


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