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Christian Hall
Christian Hall

Buy Lg V20 Unlocked [Extra Quality]

While some OEMs allow bootloader unlocking on almost every model, the LG officially supports just a few devices. We have exciting news for the owners of the international variant of the LG V20. The bootloader can be unlocked thanks to the DirtySanta exploit.

buy lg v20 unlocked

Download Zip:

The method has been adapted to work with the H990 model by XDA Senior Member emdroidle. The process is complicated and requires a lot of patience. If you know what you're doing and will follow the instructions carefully, you should end up with an unlocked and rooted device. Please visit the thread for more instructions.

If the phone is no longer under contract or if it was purchased outright, rather than on an installment payment plan, you can have it unlocked by the carrier. The Federal Communications Commission (in the U.S.) requires carriers to unlock phones that are not under contract. 041b061a72


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