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The Best Of Bob Marley [UPD]

There's a reason why this best-of collection has been a steady bestseller since it debuted in 1984: It's got the goods. The 14 songs on Legend go a long way toward demonstrating why Marley rose to become an international superstar. The man melded potent hooks, straight-shooting sincerity, and reggae riddims into some of the most engaging pop anywhere. There's the propulsive "Could You Be Loved," the revolutionary "Get Up Stand Up," which he wrote with Peter Tosh, and the Dylanesque anthem "Redemption Song." The hit parade rolls on with Marley classics like "No Woman No Cry," "I Shot the Sheriff," and the aching love song "Waiting in Vain." Like Marley himself, these songs are truly charismatic. If you can't afford the remarkable Songs of Freedom box set, this disc captures the best of Bob. And that's pretty much the best there is.The specially-packaged, fully remastered 2002 version of Legend includes two bonus tracks, "Easy Skanking" and "Punky Reggae Party."Tracklist:

The Best of Bob Marley

The classic Marley album, the one that any fair-weather reggae fan owns, Legend contains 14 of his greatest songs, running the gamut from "I Shot the Sheriff" to the meditative "Redemption Song" and the irrepressible "Three Little Birds." Some may argue that the compilation shortchanges his groundbreaking early ska work or his status as a political commentator, but this isn't meant to be definitive, it's meant to be an introduction, sampling the very best of his work. And it does that remarkably well, offering all of his genre-defying greats and an illustration of his excellence, warmth, and humanity. In a way, it is perfect since it gives a doubter or casual fan anything they could want. Let's face it, the beauty and simplicity of Marley's music was as important as his message, and that's captured particularly well here.

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The best album credited to Bob Marley taking into account any aliases or variations is Exodus by Bob Marley & The Wailers which is ranked number 286 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 6,602. 041b061a72


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