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Christian Hall
Christian Hall

Korg Legacy Collection (Win)

I don't feel the need for the legacy collection since I own Gadget Mac and have all synths as VSTs already (no Triton though). Smaller interfaces, ok, but soundwise they are identical. An M1 is just that, an M1. It does not make sense for KORG to somehow make 'smaller' engines for Gadget it would only be additional work. Also the iApps are identical so I can hook up my iPad to my Mac and have them with bigger interfaces. Now with the ARM Macs and the compatibility between iOS and the Mac OS I think it would be time to make one thing out of all that alltogether. Just one App - Gadget - and all Plugins as VSTs on the whole Apple ecosystem, from the iPhone via the iPad to the Mac one app. Right now I think the best thing with Gadget is that I can use it on every one of my devices and exchange song ideas and projects. Prototype something on the phone on the bus refine it in the rehearsal room with the band and use the synths in the performance and work on it further on the Mac. This makes Gadget my most used DAW since it always available when I need it anywhere. Just great software.

Korg Legacy Collection (Win)



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