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Christian Hall

Net10 Activation !!BETTER!!

Net10 gives access to customers to bring Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or unlocked GSM phones to their service. What you just need is an activation kit or a Net10 SIM card. But first, you need to check your device compatibility.

Net10 Activation

I have an iphone 5 that was on Verizon and I brought to net10. Upgraded to their mandatory 30/month plan, but I still do not receive DATA. Net10 support tried several provile changes, but still no DATA? Ideas, please?

LCD color display. Hands-free speaker. Key pad lock. Phone and plan sold separately. Nationwide. $50/month. Talk. Text. Web/email. 411. 30 day monthly plans. $50 unlimited. $25 dollars/750 minutes. No carry over of minutes and service days. Switch between plans at no cost. Pay as you go from $15 month. Unlimited carry over of minutes and service days. Low monthly cost and no hidden fees. No contracts, no bills, no credit check. No long distance or roaming charges. Keep your existing number or get a new one. Nationwide service from coast to coast. The cell phone that gives you the freedom to personalize your service to exactly what you need. Switch to and from $50 unlimited and $25/750 minutes monthly plans and pay as you go cards as often as you like. Buy airtime nationwide in more places than other unlimited plans or register online to refill automatically. Add more services at the same fixed rate - never an overage charge. No activation or cancellation fees: you may cancel at any time. Choose from a wide range of feature, Qwerty or Smart Phones. Net uses the networks of major national and regional wireless carriers. We have a vast national service area, so you can make calls from almost anywhere in the US. Your purchase, activation and/or use of your Net10 phone and services are subject to the Net10 terms and conditions of service found in this package. This phone will only operate with Net10 monthly Net10 30 day monthly plan cards (The $50 unlimited airtime card or the $25/750 minutes airtime card), you will lose any remaining minutes and service days on your phone. There is no carry over of unused services when you switch between pay as you go and 30 day monthly plan cards. Please note that with the $25/750 minutes airtime card, text messages are deducted at the rate of one minute per text. Additional charges for data downloads or content may apply. Certain mobile phone features may not be available throughout the entire network or their functionality may be limited. All plans rates, features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. FCC Radio Frequency Exposure Guidelines. FCC Equipment Authorization ID BEJLG320G. 041b061a72


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