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Buku Yahya Waloni Pdf 55

Buku Yahya Waloni Pdf 55

Buku Yahya Waloni Pdf 55 is a book that contains the lectures and writings of Dr. Muhammad Yahya Waloni, a former Christian pastor who converted to Islam and became a prominent preacher and scholar. The book covers various topics related to Islam, Christianity, and comparative religion, such as the authenticity of the Quran and the Bible, the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him), the divinity of Jesus (peace be upon him), the concept of God in Islam and Christianity, and the signs of the end times.


The book is available for free download from the Internet Archive, where it has been uploaded by JpnMuslim, a user who claims to be a Japanese Muslim. The book is in Indonesian language, but it also contains some Arabic words and phrases. The book is divided into 60 chapters, each corresponding to a video file that can be streamed or downloaded from the same website. The book also has an introduction by Dr. Muhammad Yahya Waloni himself, where he explains his background and his journey to Islam.

The book is intended to be a source of guidance and inspiration for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, especially those who are interested in learning more about Islam and its teachings. The book also aims to refute the misconceptions and false allegations that are often raised against Islam and its prophet by some Christian missionaries and critics. The book presents the arguments and evidences from both the Quran and the Bible, as well as from history, science, logic, and common sense.

The book has received positive feedback from many readers, who have praised its clarity, depth, and relevance. Some readers have also reported that the book has helped them to embrace Islam or to strengthen their faith in it. The book has also been shared on various social media platforms and websites, such as GitHub and OpenSea, where it has attracted more attention and curiosity.

Buku Yahya Waloni Pdf 55 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam and its comparison with Christianity. It is also a testimony of the wisdom and experience of Dr. Muhammad Yahya Waloni, who has dedicated his life to spreading the message of Islam and inviting people to the truth.


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