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Mark Gerasimov
Mark Gerasimov

Sharperbrain Programming

But how does it scientifically increase function? By causing seniors to use their senses more acutely, solve problems in new ways, and promote hand-eye coordination, technology (especially computer programming, video gaming, and smartphone usage) allows the brain to work the way a muscle does. As it uses new neural connections or reuses ones already established, the brain protects (read: does not break down) those connections, meaning that more information can pass over that neural connection. That, plus blood flow to an active brain, means that cognitive function can be preserved, protected, and even improved.

Sharperbrain Programming

Liao, Yeun-kuang C. and Bright, George W. (1991). Effects of computer programming on cognitive outcomes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Computing Research,(7)3): 251-268. Available at -HH8K-AJRR-K69M. Retrieved February 17, 2016. 350c69d7ab


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