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Christian Hall

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The Dynamics 365 and industry clouds release plan for the 2022 release wave 2 describes new features releasing from October 2022 through March 2023. You can either browse the release plan online or download the document as a PDF file. The PDF file also includes information about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform governance and administration, and data integration.

Download 2octobre txt

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The function of scientific journals has changed, moving from a communication medium to an instrument of career management, observes Kingsley, who wonders how long the "journal" format will last in the years to come. With the widespread use of electronic communication, what does it mean exactly to be "published" for an article which can be downloaded hundreds of times at pre-publication stage or whose summary has already been read thousands of times? Won't it be necessary one day to count the number of times an article has been downloaded, rather than the number of times it has been cited? Already, researchers are exploring the internet more and more to find a particular article rather than systematically leafing through such and such a "prestigious" review: they are no longer satisfied with trusting the "recognized" journals to be kept informed of the latest research in their field. Authors are focused on journals, usually particular journals: while, as readers, the same researchers are focused on large collections of articles and journals that they wished to browse (Kingsley, 2007). 041b061a72


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