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Mark Gerasimov
Mark Gerasimov

Who Buys Pawn Tickets

There are so many different methods and resources available to you in Detroit to appraise your gold and jewelry. You can always take it to a jewelry or pawn shop and get a free appraisal, or you can swing by our shop (you can also find more information on how to sell your gold and find pawn shop reviews on our site). There are also a few tests you can run at home yourself and save the trip:

who buys pawn tickets

Everyday my store sees dozens of people looking to sell their gold, electronics and other valuables to make cash. But for the dozens of people in Detroit not coming into my shop I know 10 times that are going to places like Metro City Pawn, American Jewelry and Loan and other Detroit pawn shops to sell their gold and goods. 041b061a72


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